Robert Erlandsson Quartet

For a few years I’ve been thinking about starting a band of my own.
A quartet who plays their own music in the classical composition
saxophone, piano, bass and drums. I’ve gathered some of my
favourite musicians and in January 2012 I started writing
music with their voices in mind.
In December the same year we recorded the album “News”
that will be released during 2013. Enjoy!

-Robert Erlandsson


Robert Erlandsson

Jazz double bassist and composer, born in 1977 in Hedemora, Sweden.
Moved to Malmo in 1999 for education at the Conservatory of Music and graduated
in 2002. He has been working as a freelance musician and as a member
in a number of bands since then. Moved to Stockholm in 2004.
A selection of musicians Robert played with:
Svante Thuresson, Jonas kullhammar, Jacob Karlzon, Robert Nordmark,
Phil Markowitz, Bobo Stenson, Hanna Elmqvist, Erik Söderlind, Petúr “Island Östlund and Ludvig Berghe.

Bands: Robert Erlandsson Quartet, Django meets Wes, Hot For East, The Other Trio, Gustav Lundgren plays Django, Saajo, Azimuth 3+1.


Karl-Martin Almqvist

Saxophonist and composer, born in 1968 in Karlstad, Sweden.
He has been studying at the Conservatory of music in Malmo
and at the Mannes College of Music in New York.
Karl-Martin moved back to Sweden in 1996 (to Stockholm in 1998)
and since then he has been on of the most influencial and hardworking
saxophonists on the Swedish jazzscene.
He has toured around the world, released four cd:s with
his own quartet and worked with great artists like Nils Landgren,
Jacob Karlzon and Rigmor Gustavsson among many others.
A selection of bands: Good to Be, Stockholm Jazz Orchestra
and Norrbotten Big Band.


Daniel Tilling

Pianist, born in 1975 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Since finishing his studyies at the Conservatory of Music
in Malmo in 2001, he has been a freelancing jazz musician,
living in Stockholm. Among the bands he plays with reagulary
are Tilling-Ikiz-Kling, Stockholm Jazz Trio, Stockholm Swing Allstars,
Ali Djeridi and the Stockholm Orchestra.
He has also worked extensively with many other Swedish artists
like Rigmor Gustavsson, Viktoria Tolstoy, Hanna Elmqvist,
Amanda Sedgwick, Svante Thuresson and Tim hagans
& The Norrbotten Big Band.


Chris Montgomery

Drummer, born in 1979 in Karlstad, Sweden.
He has been studying at the Conservatory in Gothenburg
for three years and now lives in Stockholm since 2011.
Chris is one of the most sought drummers
in Sweden in the the younger generation
and he’s playing with a number of great artists
and bands like Rigmor Gustavsson, Our Park,
The Beginners and Martin Höper among others.


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